Windows Desktop Search is default in DOPUS 10

I have been a DOPUS user since version 8 and am now using DOPUS 10 which I love. However, DOPUS now uses Windows Desktop Search which I HATE. Just can't get it to install or search correctly on my XP machine. I am using Copernic Desktop search for file searching and would love to get rid of Windows Desktop Search altogether. I have checked the Settings on DOPUS 10 and it seems that the program uses Windows Search as its default search engine.

My question is: is there any other way to change the default search engine for DOPUS to another search engine. While I applaud the new interface in allowing searching in DOPUS 10 directly from a search panel on the interface, I keep getting "this location not indexed" errors when Windows Desktop Search is supposed to be indexing that location.

Where are the settings for searching in DOPUS (registry, hard-coded?). No mention of default search engine in the help file.

Any thoughts from any DOPUS users out there would be appreciated! Leo?

It's only the Search Field in the top-right of the default toolbars (as well as typing "=" into the Find-As-You-Type field) which uses Windows Search.

If you search via the Find Panel (Tools -> Find Panel, or Ctrl-F) then you'll be using the same internal search functionality that Opus has always had, without any interaction with Windows Search.

I'm not sure if other search engines provide easy APIs for Opus to hook into, although it's not something I have personally looked into myself. (Maybe Jon has; not sure.)

What does the default search field use instead if Windows Search has been deactivated (reason: SSD-Drive)? Because there're results but much slower than in panel.

It still uses Windows Search. Windows Search doesn't require an index.

(I think you shouldn't be so paranoid about anything that might write data to your SSD drive. :slight_smile: They are made to be used, not to sit in the machine not being used, and they're far less fragile than you might think these days. You can monitor the wear level with a tool like CrystalDiskInfo and you should see it take months before it changes, and many years before it is so bad the drive is in any danger.)

Yeah, I have one of the newer ones and already thought about waiting for search compared to the money I could earn in the same time to buy an new SSD :slight_smile: (it's not really the money!). Especially Outlook drives me crazy, sometimes it finds nothing w/o Windows Search.