Windows Explorer Groupings view under DOpus?

I'm following a thread regarding DOpus at and a poster (Carol Haynes) there is requesting information about viewing options. Specifically, she likes XP Windows Explorers grouping option. DOpus does this by default when one clicks on "my computer" (to give you a frame of reference for what she's after), but she'd like to know if it's possible to tweak DOpus to view any folder like this (Windows Explorer does allow for this - taking a quick look at DOpus 8.2 Unicode I can't see how to do this in DOpus).

Is this possible now and, if so, how does one enable it?

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Unfortunately this is not currently possible, but it is on the list for a future version.

In case it's confusing anyone, you can have a grouped view in My Comptuer and similar system folders since they are provided by Explorer even in Opus.

I noticed another question within the same thread. Please could you pass back my answer:

If you go to Preferences / Double-Click / Desktop there are options which allow you to set the desktop double-click and the tray-icon double-click to open a specific layout.

To create a shortcut to a layout go to Preferences / Layout / Saved Layouts and drag the layout from the list to a directory.

That leaves the Win-E shortcut which you cannot change. Win-E always goes to My Computer by definition. This isn't an Opus thing but a Windows thing and, as far as I know, cannot be changed. I think if you try and override Win-E then it won't work (Windows gets to and swallows the keypress before anything else).

Opus does let you define other hotkeys which can be system-global (i.e. Opus doesn't have to be the active program when you press them) and which can open a layout or do whatever you want. If you go to Customize / Keys in Opus you'll see there's already a Win-O hotkey which opens a new lister (go new). You could change this, or add a different hotkey, to open a specific layout.

If the layout is called "moo" then the command to open it would be Prefs LAYOUT=moo

Many thanks to both Jon and Leo for your comments. I've posted them in the original thread at