Windows Key + E, reassign to Directory Opus?


I did a search for "Windows key" and "Shortcut" but didn't seem to get much back that was relevant/useful. I am aware of some 3rd party apps that you can use to reassign keys in Windows, but ideally i'd like to be able to do this within Directory Opus if possible.

So, my question is, is it possible to permanently reassign the behaviour of the Windows Key + E shortcut so that it brings up Directory Opus instead of that broken pile of crap in Vista? If it can, i'm ready to buy!

Thank you :slight_smile:


It is, yes.

Go to Settings -> Customize -> Keys and add a new hotkey. Set the system-wide hotkey checkbox (as you can only override Win-E as a system-wide hotkey), then push Win-E in the Hotkey field.

(I think at one point this was broken on Windows XP. I'm not sure if it's been fixed yet or not. It definitely works right now on Vista, either way. If XP is important then grab the free trial of Opus to make sure Win-E can be overridden on that as well.)

Nice, works like a charm. Thank you for the prompt response! :slight_smile:


@Leo: In XP it works without workarounds or defining global hotkeys in DOpus. Just activate the explorer replacement and press WIN+E :slight_smile:

That's different. :slight_smile:

By default Win-E opens My Computer. If Explorer Replacement is enabled then Win-E will open My Computer in Opus.

However, if you want Win-E to do something else -- like open a different folder or run a program or command -- then you need to override it. Because it's handled by the Windows shell it cannot be overridden easily but Opus tries to do something special to let you do so. At one point that special thing wasn't working on XP but it might be fixed now. Either way, the default Win-E hotkey should always open an Opus window if Explorer Replacement is enabled.

This is also true of Vista.

Given the sentiments expressed in the original message, this would seem to be the most robust solution.

I see. I thought SteveB just wanted to assign WIN+E to "Open My Computer in Directory Opus".

You might be right. :slight_smile: