Windows.old directory

After upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit, I noticed there is a directory created named windows.old which can be deleted after you know you don't need it anymore. So I deleted it and when I reinstalled Dopus, it was created again with all the DOPUS files in it and now I'm attempting to delete it again but it won't go away. :frowning:

Which Opus files are in that directory? There shouldn't be any. It shouldn't have any connection to Opus at all unless you've explicitly told the Opus installer to install into there (obviously) or your OS is configured to put the default Program Files folder in there.

I reinstalled Dopus again and it created the directory again, I checked the regsitry and can't find anything there.

Where do you end up if you type /programfiles into the location field in Opus?

What if you type %ProgramFiles% ?

I get the same directory, D:ProgramFiles

I renamed windows.old to xxwindows.old to try to get rid of it but it defaults to that directory again, if I delete the directory, either one, Dopus will not work, must be reinstalled and it creates that directory again.

Which folder is the installer showing, like in the screenshot below? Can you change it?

that's it, it has D:\program files but when I do browse, I get the xxwin directory, will rey another reinstall changing that, thanks very much.

Reinstalled and deleted the xxwindows.old directory without a problem, thanks very much.