Windows SAVE AS menu

I recently upgraded to Windows 10. With prior versions of Windows, the "save as" menu (when saving a file from inside an app) mirrored the Opus folder tree. I.e., Opus apparently intercepted the standard Windows "save as" window with an Opus window. However, with Windows 10, when I click "save as" I now get the Win 10 save as window. How can I get Win 10 to use Opus or, alternatively, include a "recent" option in the folder tree.

My version of Opus is 11.

Opus has never intercepted the Windows Save As dialogs. The difference in what the Windows dialogs show is just a change in Windows from one OS version to another (assuming you weren't/aren't using another tool to modify them; there are a few out there, some of which interact with Opus to e.g. give quick access to folders which are open in Opus windows/tabs).