Windows Search not looking inside NAS files

My Quick Search not longer looks in the file contents, only file names. So when I search a folder for "Donna", I only get files with a filename containing Donna; I do not get any other files in which Donna is mentioned. Is this a setting? It seems to have changed in the last couple of days.

Are you using the search field at the top right?

What happens if you do the same search in File Explorer's similar field, from the same folder?

Which type(s) of files are you searching inside?

Thanks Leo for the quick response.

Yes, I am using the Search box at the top right.

The same problem is happening with the File Explorer (so maybe it's a system issue?)1

I am looking at a folder with MS Word files, PDFs, and ZIPs containing those types of files.


Most likely the Windows Search index isn't configured to include the contents of those files, or something has gone wrong with the components that look inside them. Since it's affecting both Word and PDF, my bet is the folder just isn't set to have its contents indexed in Windows.

Push the Windows key and type "indexing options" to find where it's configured.

Well - It turns out I recently moved the folder in question to a new NAS; it used to be on drive C. The NAS is not included in the local index. So that explains it, I think. I don't know how to include a NAS mapped drive in the local search but I really need to be able to search the contents. Any suggestions?

I think it's something you can do with Windows at both ends, but I don't know if NAS allow content indexing. Maybe some do, but you'd have to ask your NAS vendor for details of that.

If the files aren't large, searching inside them each time is always an option, but would be slow if there is a lot of data to search through over the network.

(I've updated the thread subject to help other people with the same question.)

Tha answers to this SuperUser question suggests it may not be possible except by using Windows Server at the other end.

Maybe I'm not understanding something here, but would Opus Tools -> Find Files do what's wanted.

Find Files will work, but won't be using content indexing, so it might be slow if there's a lot of file content to search.

The problem is that I need to search WITHIN files (file content). My folder and subfolders contain over 3,700 files. While Find Files does work, as Leo said, a single search takes several minutes to complete. That is a significant disruption to my workflow. But this is a system problem, not a DOpus problem, so I am still looking for how to include a network folder in local index.