Windows: Slow file copying for files on the same network resource

I manage resources on a network fileserver via a VPN which isn't particularly fast.

From time to time I need to copy large files from one place on the server to another as part of an archival role.

When I do this on windows using explorer I can copy files with a speed of about 12/13 mb a second and I use almost no network bandwidth on my local computer. When I do this using opus I'm getting a speed of about 1.6mb a second which is about my read/write speed locally to the server through the VPN. I can also see that my network connection is running at the same speed for read/write.

Can Opus detect that we're in the situation of copying to/from the same network host and use the Windows API's instead to perform the copy and thus resolve this problem?

It's planned for the future.

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