Windows Taskbar disappears when dopus loads


When DOpus loads, my Windows 11 taskbar disappears. I have to go to taskbar settings and enable 'task view' or something simlar to bring it back.

Strange, and we don’t have any similar reports.

Are you using a Taskbar replacement or other tools that modify the normal taskbar?

What’s the exact setting you changed to make it come back?

Changing any of the settings below brings the taskbar back...
If I close DOpus and start it again -> taskbard gone until I change one of the settings again.

P.S.: I'm using a DOpus toolbar snapped above the taskbard, maybe this is causing it somehow?

It wouldn't surprise me if that's the issue. Microsoft rewrote the taskbar for Windows 11 and in doing so completely ignored everything the taskbar used to be able to do, which presumably includes sharing the space with other app bars.

Try moving the Opus toolbar to a different side of the screen and see if it fixes it.

may be not so similar, but very strange behaviour with docking floated toolbar to taskbar in Win10. he just disappears... then it appears over the taskbar, but only when video recording is running. turn off the recording - the toolbar disappears forever. enable recording - toolbar appears again

Looks like it's set to auto-hide. I'm not sure that will ever work well on the same edge the taskbar is on.

Another thing that confuses the Windows taskbar is if Opus is running in a different DPI to the taskbar and you dock a toolbar to the side of a screen. The taskbar miscalculates the size of things at that point, which can also affect maximized windows.

My laptop is not hiding the windows toolbar, but my dekstop does. Same Windows 11 version, same dopus config (used backup & restore).

No idea what's causing this on my desktop, but pretty frustrating tbh.

It's not an Opus setting, it's a Windows setting (Personalization -> Taskbar).

No, it's not. My taskbar is not set to auohide. It only dissapears when DOpus is loaded and I have my floating toolbar docked to the bottom.
This only happens on my desktop, not my laptop, same OS, same DOpus version and config.

Do you have anything installed on that machine that modifies how other programs' windows behave or where they appear, makes them on-top, or arranges them, and so on? Those tools often cause weird problems and seem to be confused by Opus.

I think I found the culprit, it seems DOpus + win 11 + Sizer doesn't work together nicely for the taskbar

This app can be found here: Sizer 4.0 by Brian Apps