WinRAR and Opus 'freezing'

I frequently use WinRAR in combination with Opus.
When I'm unpacking the Opus window freezes and stays on top of all other windows.
It doesn't crash or something like that but it makes my PC unuasable during the unpacking.
With the normal windows explorer it's a seperate process. With opus it looks like a process that runs within opus itself.

Can I chance that behaviour?

This only happens when extracting from WinRAR to an Opus Lister via drag and drop. It's a known problem - it will be fixed in the next major release of Opus. Until then you can get around it by using the 'Extract' WinRAR context menu instead of drag and drop.

Thanks for the tip.
I'm going to try it.

BTW can you please considerfull WinRAR integration like you done with WinZip?

As far as I know, and judging by their website and the lack of RAR creation support in almost all programs, the people who make WinRAR will not licence the RAR format and compression algorithm to anyone. Not as a DLL and not even as documentation for people to write their own. Even if you want to pay money for it.

They provide a free DEcompression DLL (unrar.dll), which is what Opus uses, but nothing for people to create RAR archives in other programs.

Until that changes there's nothing GPSoftware or plugin writers can do, unless you know someone who has the time, patience, knowledge and skills required to reverse engineer a compression algorithm, or who wants to argue the case with RARLabs.

Well, it could be done via calling the command-line version of RAR and parsing the text output but that is always such a pain to get right and can easily be broken when a new version outputs slightly different text. The only real solutions are for RARLabs to licence people an API (e.g. if someone's bought and installed WinRAR why not allow them to plug it into another GUI?) or to switch to another archive format.

I have been working around the same problem. What I found was a simple double-click on the desktop opens a new lister. You can work prefectly fine in that lister whil winRAR has monopolised the first one. I find this a lot easier than the extract feature of winrar (too many steps).

Before I discovered this work-around, I used to simply only (shock-horror!) a Windows Explorer window and work in that for a bit.