WinRAR vs. DO-Archiver


I'm thinking about removing WinRAR from sys and using DO's built-in archiver instead. What could be the disadvantages (I just need extract and compress, so most compatibility, but no repair etc.)?

One feature of WinRAR is leaving files on disk also when the archive (file) is corrupted. As I have no corrupt archive I can't test like DO behaves in such case. Does it delete the file then?

Last question: How to set RAR compression to best by default (in settings there's only an option for zip)?

Opus relies on WinRAR to modify RAR archives. If you uninstall WinRAR you will only be able to extract RARs.

Opus will delete an extracted file that it detects is corrupt. (At least with 7z archives. I don't have a test corrupt RAR to test with that, but it should be the same.)

Select the RAR plugin (if you're using, you can find it quickly by typing RAR into the Preferences filter) and click Configure to set the default compression mode.

Thank you for this complete infos. As I mostly use RAR (don't know why, it's like using Intel or AMD, HTC or Apple :slight_smile:), I must keep WinRAR.

But is a complete install of WinRAR necessary or does DO just require some dll's?

Does it matter? :slight_smile: WinRAR takes up about 4MB of diskspace, which is nothing. Why risk breaking things and making things complicated just to save a tiny amount of disk space?

If it would be just a dll - yes, I would install WinRAR. Why - if it would be possible - installing two tools which do the same thing when you could have one, independend if it use only some MB's :slight_smile:.

But as DO-Rar deletes corrupted files I have to use WinRAR.

I have WinRAR installed so I simply removed shell integration so that DOpus will handle it.