Wish introducing UWP UI in DO13

With the opening of Microsoft Developer Conference just a few days ago,win32 may be conbined with uwp UI using Project Reunion platform. I wish DO can reponse the change of win10 in 13 version.

Do you mean you want Opus to have a UI like the Settings app in Windows 10? Or something else? UWP can mean a lot of different things (most of them bad).

Yes, at the current uwp is not that good. So the premise of considering introducing is Microsoft has solved so many issues that win32 can be mixed with part of uwp perfectly.

Buzzwords aside, what is it you actually want to see implemented? We aren't going to start using UWP APIs just for the sake of it.

The underlying APIs used to make something don't matter, other than to the extent they make it easy or possible to make something at all. So what is it you want Opus to do that it doesn't already, and which using UWP in some way would achieve?

Maybe avoiding just for the sake of it is right. But one of what I extremely want to improve is that the color of the title block in DO which is just the only one, can't not be modified where the black style of win10 explorer looks so beatiful.
Although introducing uwp is probably not the only way to fix it. But the translucent acrylic effect conbined with totally black style looks even more beatiful.

There is a Win32 API for dark titlebars, it just isn't documented or stable yet. We plan to use it in the future once it is. No need to use UWP for that.

The translucence acrylic effect doesn't make sense to me. It has windows go more opaque and easier to read when they are inactive and translucent and harder to read when they are active. It's backwards.

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Does it?

Look at the Windows Setting app's sidebar, or the Calculator app, for the standard behavior, which is as I described.

I thought you were referring to acrylic effect in general. There are multiple implementations of it. You don't have to do it exactly like MS did in their apps.

The fact that Microsoft themselves can't stick to their own standards, and have re-implemented things in multiple inconsistent ways depending on the app/team/framework involved, merely underlines my original point:

If you want something specific, ask for it specifically. Asking for "UWP" or "Metro" or "acrylic" or similar doesn't mean much because none of them are well-defined concepts.

Pretty sure it simply means blurry background. Reasoning behind it is it looks prettier and more modern.

I'd also argue it's less "opinionated" and more neutral when placed beside other programs, because it doesn't really have a color. It looks good with both light and dark themes and eliminates the problem of most "Dark Modes" in that they never really match each other (put Chrome and File Explorer both in Dark Mode next to each other, you'll see what I mean).