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Wish (or is it possible?): highlight parts of a file name

Hi all,

Often a file name includes various information and that often in abbreviated form.

IMHO it would be nice if I could highlight parts of a file/folder name, specifying the substring to be highlighted with regex.

In this way I could emphasize or focus on the exact part of the name WHY a file is highlighted (if the reason for wanting to highlight it is in the name). Plus I could use different highlight colors on the same file name for emphasizing different keys inside the name.

Besides that, I could make my listers really colorful this way :wink: - joke, I know it can get colorful already.

Regards, S.

Maybe even highlighting specified columns of individual items (not the whole column) in their unique color, could be nice too... but I don't want to make it too complicated. If the idea above with parts of a file name could work, that would already be enough (at first :wink: ) Of course I understand if both is too complicated or too unique to be worth the effort.

There are scripts that let you extract bits of filenames (using regular expressions) and put them into separate columns for comparison, sorting, highlighting and filtering. That's probably the best available approach:

RegExColumns V2

good to know