WM Player context sensitive menu

Hi appologies if this has been covered before but I've drawn a blank with the search.

I have all my music set up using a directory for each artist containing subdirectories for each album. The album directories are configured as type 'Music Album' in the customize tab of the properties dialog. With windows explorer I can right click on an album directory and chose one of several options to play the album in Windows media player - eg play now, add to play list etc. In DOpus I get none of these menu entries.

Does anyone have any idea what's awry here and is there a way to fix it?

I should probably add that I've checked out the 'organizing context menu' stuff but this seems only to be applicable at the file level rather than whole folders and that right clicking on an individual audio file in a lister does indeed give me the WM menu entries.

Well, I can confirm that Dopus does not show the Windows Media Player folder context menu items. These items seem to be handled by some WMP context menu handlers that Dopus does not invoke automatically... I cruised around the registry a bit and found the following:[code]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





@="{7D4734E6-047E-41e2-AEAA-E763B4739DC4}"[/code]I then added the following Context Menu items manually in Dopus file type editor for 'All folders':

FileType CONTEXTMENU {7D4734E6-047E-41e2-AEAA-E763B4739DC4} CONTEXTFORCE

The first context menu handler provides both the Queue-It-Up and Add to Playlist... items; while the second provides the Play with Media Player item.

HOWEVER... doing things this way will make it so that these options ALWAYS appear when right clicking on any folder... not just ones you have modified properties on to classify as 'Music Album' :frowning:. I'm not sure how to get it to work that way, and guess it would have to be lookd at by GPSoft to find out why the method Opus uses to get the context menu does not invoke these handlers. In the meantime, you could put these items in an Opus 'sub-menu' to lighten the footprint on the inital folder context menu... If that will be ok for you let us know if you need help getting it set up, it's pretty easy.

Cheers, that's brilliant. I think the folder type information is stored in desktop.ini inside each particular folder. Don't know whether DO takes any notice of this though. Thanks again.