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WOL on target which can't be reached


Capture everything (filesystem and registry, all processes) and save it as PML format, then zip it and email or private message it to us. We can filter things in and out ourselves then.


It looks as though DOpus is trying to search or enumerate a folder without even double clicking on it, as Leo have said about it before. Even hovering is enough. I disabled the tooltip option but it is behaving the same. So it is not because of getting information for the tooltip. There is a process/a code in your program that initiate a search for a folder while the mouse is hovering on it. If you will provide a way to disable this behavior then it would be possible to double clicking on a folder that is not available and it will initiate a double click event instead of hovering event. Or if you will be able to add a hovering event to your scripts library then I would be able to fetch it and ignore it.


Try turning off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips.


No I am sorry it is not initiated because of hovering. If I double click on a folder it initiate an internal event in DOpus prior to trigger the OnDoubleClick event to the script. If you will provide a way to disable it so that the OnDoubleClick event will be the first event to be triggered then it looks like that it will solve the problem.

Maybe this is the reason why DOPus is less responsive then explorer when you double click on a folder. In Windows Explorer it is instantaneous and in DOpus it is about 700mSec to navigate to a folder. If you will change this behavior by providing a way to receive the OnDoubleClick event as the first event then I think that navigating to a folder will be much faster and everybody that will double click on any folder will benefit from this not only me.


We’ll see what the procmon logs show when we look at them during the week. No sense speculating.

BTW, you can edit your posts if you want to add something quickly. The forum will bump the thread the same as with a reply, and keep things more compact.


We’ve made a couple of changes which might make a difference. Please give this test version a try and let us know how it goes.


I am sure that you are curious about the changes that you have made.
Well superficially it looks like that you have fixed the problem. Even hovering on a target that is not accessible doesn’t trigger a wait period. If I double click on inaccessible target it immediately trigger the OnDoubleClick event and issue a WOL.
Please let me debug it more intensively for the next couple of days to be sure that your fix is really complete.

Thank you very much for your time and effort.
BTW I do feel that now double clicking on any folder is a little bit faster than before but I am not 100% sure about that.


If you have a tab (not the active tab) that is not accessible (a network folder), if you press the X-Close button on the tab it introduces again the delay. Probably before closing a tab you are activating it prior to closing it which is redundant i.e. just close it.