Word documents in Opus viewer (sorry, again)


I've just started my evaluation of Opus, and have also found that I can view Excel (and PowerPoint) documents in the viewer, but not Word. I have found a couple of references in the forums, but nothing since mid-2007. Has anything changed? (I can open them in IE)

I also have the same problem with pdf documents, I just get the hex.

One solution suggested is to install the Yahoo toolbar - does that mean install it in IE? Or maybe I don't understand.

Thanks for any help

Which version of Word do you have installed? Are they .doc or .docx files?

Can you view .pdf files in IE?


They are .doc files, and I am running Word from Office 2003 (precise verion is 11.5604.5606).

I assume that I am running the 32 bit version of XP, since it's four years old, but don't know how to tell. So I downloaded the 32 bit version of Opus.

If I open a pdf file in IE, it opens in a separate Acrobat Reader window.



Open Adobe Reader's Preferences and turn on Internet -> Display PDF in browser.

I'm not sure why Word 2003 .doc files wouldn't work in the viewer when Excel ones are working. There is a new ActiveX plugin in development at the moment where most of this code has been re-written, so give it a try again when the new version is out (which should be fairly soon).

Have changed the Acrobat Reader settings - but still get the hex. Will wait the new ActiveX plug in.

Shame, it's a great product and I think I'll still buy it - but a fully functioning viewer would be a big plus.


If you drop the files on an IE window do they display?


If I drop a .doc file in an IE window it displays in the window (after I check the dialogue box asking IE to open it). If I drop a .pdf file it opens in a new window using Acrobat Reader

If PDF files don't open in IE's window after changing the setting above, are you sure you don't have more than one version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader installed?

It's also possible something is getting in the way of ActiveX controls in general. Although it's rare, some anti-virus programs have been known to do this.


No, I definitely only have one version of Acrobat Reader (7.0...) installed. It's the same one that I have made the settings change to, and teh same one that opens. The only anti virus I am running is Norton, which shouldn't be too exotic.

Thanks for your help


I have a feeling it was Norton that caused the problem for a few people. :slight_smile: It may be a red herring here, though.

I'd say wait for the new ActiveX plugin and try with that. Maybe it'll fix the Word problem at least. The PDF problem probably won't go away until it's fixed in IE as well, whatever is causing it.

Reinstalling Acrobat Reader 7 (or Adobe Reader 8) might be worth a try there. Maybe it isn't registered properly.

Another topic from today just mentioned Opus not being able to view 'password protected' word DOCs. Could that be your case as well... or even any old new word doc doesn't work...