Workaround for finding words NEAR each other

I am aware that Directory Opus does not have any NEAR operator for finding within contents which result in showing all files where two words are N words near each other.

However, I was wondering with the pattern matching, regular expression, wildcard, sub clause etc. available, is there any way the above can be achieved.

e.g. If I wanted to find all files where the words RED and CAR are within 5 words of each other. e.g. if any files contain any of the phrases RED SHINING CAR, RED CAR, RED AND WHITE CAR etc. they should all appear in result set.

Thanks in advance,

The only thing that comes to my mind is using a regular expression which allows for a limited number of words to be between the patterns you're looking for. Something like RED(\s|\w){0,5}CAR might work. You probably need some variation where "CAR" is also allowed to appear before "RED" to get the "near" handling you describe.