Working with Tabbar's

Having some trouble getting my tabbars to consistantly show.

When I open Dopus, I have in the styles toolbar: Commander * Dual Horizontal * Duel Vertical * Explorer * Filmstrip * Images * Single * Metadata

As soon as I click on any of them the tabbar disappears. I can right click on the toolbar and pick it again and it appears but again if I click it will disappear.

I would like to ensure that he tabbar stays put and never disappears. How can I achieve this?


I'm using 12.3 Build 6183.

By tabbar do you mean a toolbar with the list of styles displayed as tabs? (Like in Opus 9)

If so, your styles must be changing which toolbars are displayed when you select them.

You probably want to go to Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Styles and edit each style to tell it not to modify the toolbars.

Alternatively, you could re-save each style with the toolbars turned on, if you do want them to modify some toolbars while keeping the one with styles tabs always visible.

That did the trick!!! Thanks again Leo.