Working with tags: tag list of all tags available?

Is there any tutorial out there concerning how to most beneficially work with tags?

  1. Is there any list (button?) available that shows all existing tags? I find it highly problematic (at least for my aging brain) to remember all tags I have ever created - in addition to the problem that as a German user nouns usually have a captial letter but most tagging applications force lower case. So I might have just assigned a tag like kindergarten, but I could be tempted to search for "Kindergarten". Are tags case sensitive?

  2. What about (orphaned) tags that once have been assigned but no related files exist any more? Can I find these?

  3. Can I search in a folder tree for a tag like "cat" and as soon as I found these files see a list of the additional available / related tags for that search result (like a tag cloud but of course as a list), for example for cats the colors white, grey, black could be such additional tags so that I can further narrow down my search?

  4. Is auto-complete planned for adding tags? This would help VERY much, as it would automatically give me an idea while typing what tags are available

Thank you very much in advance for helping!

Tags can be added and removed by multiple programs, so the only way to keep a list of which ones exist in files would be to scan all your files, and keep scanning ones that changed in the future. (This is assuming all the files are always available, and not on USB sticks etc. where it becomes impossible.)

We did start down this road but found it was too complex to implement something which would work well, at least for the initial release of the metadata editor.

We may revisit it in the future, but Opus doesn't currently offer any kind of tag database. It just lets you see and edit the tags in the selected file(s), and search for files with the tags you specify.

What is the 'metadata editor' mentioned in your comment? Is that something that will be introduced soon?
What do you mean by "scan all your files"?

If you want to know all the Keywords (tags) used for your PHOTOS, the easiest way (but not easy!) I have found to view all your Keywords and generate a list is by importing the all you photos into Adobe Lightroom Classic. All Keywords will be visible in the Keywords Panel, and a list of Keywords can be exported in a .txt file.
I am a professional photo organizer, and I use the method described above to generate a Keywords list I can send to my clients along with their organized collection. When my clients have that list, they know what Keywords to search for.!Documents/Editing_Metadata.htm

I mean a program looking through (“scanning”) all your files to build a list of tags in them.

Thank you for clarifying that. Now I understand you were referring to the Metadata Pane, as there is nothing called 'Metadata Editor' in Directory Opus.
As for 'Scan', I thought you meant using DOpus to scan.

The Metadata Pane is a metadata editor.

There’s also a Metadata Dialog which is the same metadata editor but in a standalone window instead of a pane/panel.

We sometimes use synonyms or slightly different terms for things, as we’re only human. :slight_smile: But in this case it’s also arguably a better term as it covers both instances of the editor.

I was. It was a hypothetical statement about how something would need to be implemented.

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Ok, so where can I "vote" for better tag implementation :wink: ?

Casting your vote here would be a step in the right direction :slight_smile:


You might like this script:

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