Working with the "Customize" box

Any way to "OK" this box without using the mouse?
I have to drag it offscreen to get room to do my customization, then drag it back onto screen so I can click the OK button.
ENTER doesn't work for me.


Return works here, as long as the search field isn't active.

it works here too, until I actually change or add something, then the "OK" is no longer responsive to my return key.

Because the Customize window no longer has focus, after giving focus to the window you were working on? You would have to alt-tab back to the Customize window before pushing return.

You might want to play with the Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Alt-Click to edit Toolbar buttons and Minimize Customize dialog options. If both of those are enabled you can Alt-click a button to edit it and the Customize dialog will be minimized by default, so you never need to even see it.