Would it be feasible to add some basic font management functions?

I've been using Directory Opus for about six months, and I haven't posted anything in the forum before. So I guess I'm jumping into the middle of something here. But recently I've been wondering: Do you think it would be feasible to use scripting to give Directory Opus some basic font management functions?

DO can already do a couple of things. It can install a font by copying it to the Windows font folder with Copy INSTALLFONTS. It can also display some font metadata in the columns in the file display. Would it be possible to use scripting to add the following functions:

(1) an internal command that would install a font by copying a link to the Windows font folder;

(2) an internal command that would uninstall a font (by executing the command on the original font file wherever it is in the file system and removing its registry entry);

(3, 4) internal commands, maybe the same two above, that would install and uninstall all the fonts contained in a folder or collection;

(5) a column that would show whether a font is installed (wherever the original font file is in the file system);

(6) a column, maybe the same as the one above, that would show whether all or some of the fonts in a folder or collection are installed; and

(7) columns that would show additional font information like family name, weight, style name, font type, version, and number of fonts in a folder.

Additional functions might be (8) the ability to treat all the files related to a given Type 1 font as a unit and (9) a preview with customizable content.

With all the file management abilities DO already has, it seems like it would make a handy file-system-based font manager if it could do these things. Are they feasible, or do you think they go too far beyond what Directory Opus is designed to do? Are they the kind of things that a novice at scripting could hope to do or are they more sophisticated than that?


  1. What's the difference between that and the existing Copy INSTALLFONT?

  2. May be possible. Could depend a lot on reliably finding all the information that would need to be removed from one .ttf file or similar, which may be one of many.

3 & 4) A script could be written to go through a folder and run Copy INSTALLFONT on each file. (If Copy INSTALLFONT doesn't already work with multiple files selected; it may do already but I am not sure off the top of my head).

  1. Same as 2. May also be possible via a script add-in which you could write, if you know how to query the information from a script or a command the script could run.

  2. Not sure, beyond 5.

  3. Some of that is already displayed, at least. Try the Title or Description columns, for example.

Thanks for your response, Leo.

On (7), some information is available, but some, like version and style, for example, aren't.

On (1) maybe someone else can give you better technical information, but, as I understand it, Copy INSTALLFONT, like the Windows Install command, actually copies the font file to the Windows\Fonts folder and presumably adds it to the registry. The Windows Install as shortcut command doesn't really copy anything anywhere. It just adds the path and file name of the font file, wherever it's located, to the registry. That registry entry then shows up as a shortcut in the virtual Windows\Fonts folder. It's easier to keep fonts organized by installing them as shortcuts (a misnomer?) than by copying them all into one folder. I guess I was wondering about the feasibility of the rest of the items given that installed fonts all have registry entries. It all seems fairly simple conceptually: Just compare the font file's path and file name to the entries in the registry. But I don't have any idea what it might take to actually implement and whether it'd be worthwhile.