WOW on Recent New Features and 12.10 Tutorial Videos

For whatever reason, I hadn't yet watched part 4 of Leo's Tutorial video series about 12.10 and just did so today.

And WOW... I am just blown away by some of the things that have been added lately. Just a few that really make me smile among a huge huge list:

  • ability to upgrade Opus without rebooting
  • inline-rename: renaming multiple files at the same time
  • Hotkeys panel: the column indicating which toolbar the hotkey is located in
  • Hotkeys panel: the locate button showing where the hotkey is in your menus (sick!!!)
  • Conditional buttons that only appear in certain folders, or if the right number of files is selected
  • Heck, even the shortcut to "New Releases" in the Help menu

Apart from the huge effort it must take to make these videos, I just have to scratch my head in disbelief at how Opus keeps getting more awesome.

So... No words to thank you properly, Opus Team.

@Everyone, would love to see a collection of features that have improved your Opus experience since the launch of DO12 — for the simple reason that it takes multiple minds to even take in the scope of features in Opus (unless that's your job, maybe)…Speaking for myself, I find it gratifying and motivating to read highlights of features that others have found useful.


same opinion.... excellent work Mr. "Directory Opus Team" !

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