Wrong colors Recycle bin and Network folder

When I enter the Recycle bin or the Network the colors are the same as any other folder except for one thing, the font color.
I have dark background for all folders and a light font color but with the Recycle bin and Network the font color stays black, which is hard to read on a dark background. Only the sort column of the Recycle bin has a white background.

When I refresh the folder the custom dark background becomes white. The sort column stays white and the font stays black. The advantage is that I can read the contents after my eyes have recovered. :sunglasses:

It makes no difference whether I include Recycle bin and Network in the Native display option under Virtual folders or not.
I don't have this issues with the other folders like Collections, Libraries, FTP, OneDrive etc.

Where can I set the font colors?
Why does the background color change after refreshing the folder?

"Recycle Bin" and "Network" are both delegated to Explorer and (most) Opus color settings won't affect them.