Wrong drive icon when using different usb devices

Dear all,

I am using two different USB devices (memory stick called "LaCie CooKey" and HDD called "Airy") with different icons. The drive icons on both drives are display using "autorun.inf" of the following kind (example of the HDD):


Now, when I plug in the HDD ("Airy") Dopus display the icon of the memory stick. See screenshot: drive H is displayed correctly in Windows Explorer (green HDD symbol) but wrong in DOpus (key symbol of the currently not plugged in memory stick "LaCie CooKey").

I guess this must be a kind of "icon caching problem". Please let me know if you can fix this in one of the next release.

Best regards from Germany


Is it still the wrong icon if you close & re-open the window?

What does Opus show for the drive in the My Computer folder?

The icon usually comes from the OS itself, FWIW.

Yes, icon is still wrong after close & re-open the windows. Even closing ans restarting DOpus doesn't help.

I made some tests between Windows Explorer and DOpus (see Screenshots 01 - 04). It seems that the wrong icon is displayed wrong in case of "small icons" (for both Windows Explorer and DOpus) and correct in case of "large icons" (for both Windows Explorer and DOpus). Therefore, you maybe right that is a OS problem and not a problem of DOpus.

But I found another strange display bug. The drive icon "Main.ico" is displayed wrong - just in DOpus. In this case - the displayed sizes are the same. See Screenshot 05.

Thanks in advance.


Try fully exiting Opus and then clearing your shell icon cache.

To the problem of "screenshots 01 - 04": Since both USB devices got the some drive letter "H" I now changed the drive letters via "diskmgmt.msc" to "A" for HDD "Airy" and "L" for memory stick "LaCie CooKey". Now both drives are displayed correctly in any size and bot Windows Explorer and DOpus. So that is done.

To the problem of "screenshot 05". Fully exiting DOpus and clearing the shell icon cache unfortunately didn't help.

Not sure there is much we can do about 05 since the icon comes from the OS.

Windows still has plenty of bugs to do with icons and icon caching which crop up now and again. This is probably one of them.

That said, if you attach the icon in question I'll see if there's some other reason for it.

Since Windows Explorer display this icon correctly I thought of a DOpus bug. But I understand that this could be a Windows bug as well.

I attached the icon for you. Probably you find something "strange"...

Here is the file "Main.ico" as 7zip-file.
Main.ico.7z (74.3 KB)

It shows okay for me, so I don't think there is a general problem with the icon itself.

Each Windows process has its own icon cache (which starts out as a copy of the main shell cache, but can then deviate from it as different icons are read by each process), so bugs in the Windows icon APIs can affect different programs differently.

Oh, make sure Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... is turned off. That could be causing it.

That's it. I turned off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... and the icon is shown correctly immediately.

Thanks, Leo.