Wrong sort fields

Wildcard format has Columns and Grouping turned off and Include columns from other matching formats is turned on.

In v12.2.1, the correct columns are now grabbed from Content Type but not the sort info. So the displayed folder is sorted improperly.

[just a reminder...Labels defined in Content Type format are not implemented but I understand that's still an issue from the folder format hierarchy discussion where other details of the folder format are ignored.]

If one of a format's pages are turned off, it means that page is loaded from one of the more generic formats.

I'm not sure exactly which formats are/aren't considered off the top of my head (I need to dig some more) but the Content Type formats are definitely not considered if a more specific format matches but has some of its pages turned off. (There's a valid argument that changing that would be an improvement, but I'm just describing how things work right now.)

If the "add columns from other matching formats" checkbox is on then the columns from a relevant Content Type format can be inherited, and get added to the end of the columns loaded from the generic format (whichever one that is). But that won't affect the sort order; it's just adding some more columns.

I don't think a Content Type format's sort order should ever have affected the sort order when a wildcard format was in play.

What changed in 12.2.1: There was a bug where inheriting columns from the default formats ("Default" itself, "Local Drives", etc.) would also 'inherit' their sort settings, overwriting any sort settings made at a higher level if the "add columns from other matching formats" checkbox was on.