X64: Context menu "copy" is doing a cut, not a copy

I'm using Version

The "copy" command on my context menu (right click) is cutting files, not copying them. This caused me a big problem when I copied a load of files and edited them, thinking that the originals were still in place.

Any idea how I might fix that? I doubt it's a Directory Opus bug but it might be. More likely my context menu has got corrupted somehow.

You need to edit the Copy item to:

clipboard copy

If you mean the context menu which opens when you right click on either a file or folder then edit the context menu tab in the All Files and Folders filetype in Settings/Filetypes.

steve, your avatar just had my trying to squash my screen with my finger. nice one.

Yes, that was set to "clipboard cut nofromfocus" so I've changed it. Thanks very much. I wonder how it got changed to cut, because I definitely haven't edited that menu myself. Probably some program with a shell extension option has changed it.

:slight_smile: It still catches me out occasionally.