XARA viewer request

I would like to request that DOPUS includes a viewer for XARA files (see xara.com). Previews are essential and although DOPUS allows previews for many file formats, XARA is still not on the list...

... if there is any chance this will be added?

Only if Xara provide some kind of API or library for using their image formats. Reverse engineering them would be a lot of effort for something only one person has asked for so far (and none of the people writing plugins are skilled at reverse engineering anyway).

Thanks for your reply. I will contact them if you tell me exactly what they should provide. Please use whatever technical jargon is needed -- I am sure their programmers will understand it.
Is it enough if I tell them "The DOPus team is willing to include previews for Xara files if you provide the necessary API and/or libraries for this effect" or should something else be added?
Xara has a huge user base... maybe they would be interested in DOpus... I will pass the word over there...
It would be two good tools coming together and making life easier for a lot of people... can't hurt to try.
Many thanks!

That's the right thing to ask for. The only other thing I can think of is that if what they provide only works with the software installed (i.e. it's not standalone and freely distributable) then they'd need to loan/give us a copy of the program to test against.

Don't forget too that someone must write the plugin (assuming the information is forthcoming). Very few people are writing plugins (ie, Nudel in his own free time) so don't expect a plugin to arrive as soon as they provide the info. Especially considering only once person has asked for it so far.

For what it's worth, I use Xara 3-D version 6 if anyone is interested in writing a plug-in and wants some testers.

Would this be what is needed?

xara.com/support/docs/webfor ... efault.asp

Have also posted to the Xara forums, to see how many people may eventually be using DOPUS...



That looks useful but I didn't realise this was a vector image format. Without looking at it further I don't know how much work it will be to write code which renders the images (by the look of it the documentation just explains how to decode them into a description of the shapes etc.).

With bitmap formats it's generally very easy to display the image once you know the file format but with vector images it takes a bit more work, depending on the complexity of the format.

I've been thinking about (eventually) writing an SVG viewer so this may tie into that but I don't know when/if that will actually happen.

Then how about a thumbnail viewer?

If I look at an image folder in explorer it shows the XAR files as thumbnails, but if I look at the same folder using DIR Opus 9, then the xar files are show only with an icon and not as a thumbnail.

I thought that if a file format thumbnail was registered on window, then Dir opus would pick that up.

Is there any way I can get my DirOpus to recognize the windows thumbnails for xar images ?

Note. xar is the extension for xara, which is the greatest drawing program ever. I have used so many different tools, but I continue to return to xara, even for DTP. So I am starting to have many xar files on my system. A thumbnail viewer would be great.

Check that Shell Image Extraction is switched on in Preferences - Listers - Thumbnails. If that is on then Opus should show thumbnails for anything that Explorer shows them for.

That did it.

Thank you.


I have a similar request for an Adobe Illustartor viewer. Probably, you can propose some workaround. Actually, Illustrator .ai files are PDF files , only with different file extension. Therefore, ActiveX plug-in for PDF files must work. The question is how can it be arranged in DO?

Thank you, Toller

I think you can get thumbnails to work for Illustrator. Not sure if there's a way to make the viewer work (e.g. via ActiveX). If you search the forum for "Illustrator" there are about 5 existing threads with all the information I'm aware of.

Just an Update for Dopus 9
The option is now in:

Preferences - Lister Display Modes - Thumbnail Mode - at the bottom "Use shell image extraction for formats Opus does not understand"

Best Regards
Wistian :smiley: