XP Preview Handlers for Directory Opus and above

Hello all, i know maybe this announcement out of date or you all guys have already known about it, or even someone has already posted it before me, but i still want to post it myself.

To all Directory Opus 9 Xp users (include me too), you can also definitely use Vista preview handlers in Windows Xp (it works for both Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 preview pane and also Directory Opus - or above with its own viewer pane/preview plug in). just install the Azar's preview server and handler for Windows Xp to get it, you can visit:


(it based on MSDN Preview Handler), it's 100% free without any registration or payment. (the installer contains preview server that acts similar like vista prevhost.exe but in xp and some ported vista only preview handlers for xp such pdf, zip, wma, swf, many more etc. He (Azar) said the main purpose is only for MS Outlook 2007 preview pane in xp (please read the full article there), but in fact it can be applied as preview handler plug in for Directory Opus not only vista but Xp!! (see my screen/attachment).
i have proven it my self (my system is Xp MCE 2005 Sp3 with Directory Opus installed) and it really works. very stable and safe.

If you want to take advantage of PSD file preview by preview handlers for both Vista explorer preview pane and Directory Opus 9 viewer pane in both xp and vista, then You can download PSD preview handler at:

(attention: it's free but unfortunately requires short registration to download):

codeproject.com/KB/vista/Pho ... ndler.aspx

(it seems only works on xp if you have installed azar's preview handler server as prerequisite first. it also needs .net 2.0 framework or gacutil.exe if i'm not wrong ),

in addition, if you have installed office 2007 with built in preview handlers, they will also show on your directory opus (both xp and vista).

if then you decide to install, please read their article/guide carefully. pardon my very very bad english, hopefully little useful, thanks for your attention, regards :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Looks useful!

BTW, Opus has built-in support for viewing PSD files so using a PSD preview handler in Opus will probably make things worse rather than better, or not do anything at all. (I think the internal viewer will be given priority over the ActiveX plugin for PSD files but I haven't tested it.)

Thank's so much Mr.Leo for your information and correcting my previous post sir. (please forgive me before, i'm sorry for the double attachments/post, i am a newbie).

About PSD preview handler, yes i very agree with you. but I have tried PSD preview handler, it has no crash or anything like that. faster enough when loading preview. no problem at all. i realize in comparison it maybe subjective, but Dopus PSD plug in seems still more practical and efficient for previewing as it comes built in without need to install anything but also more trusted. commonly for most of files previewing I'm still using Dopus built in ActiveX plug in more than preview handler. however, i just want to give it a try, because it's still very interesting (not always better as you said) if we can bring/port some vista-only features to Xp shell such preview handler itself. but yes, it's not always better as you said.

i also add new screenshot about previewing PSD by PSD Preview handler as default viewer in Directory Opus viewer pane. not too bad i think. if i m wrong then please forgive me. but please let me share something.

update: to download the same codeproject's PSD preview handler without any registration: csharptricks.com/Articles/Ph ... ndler.aspx

The general Xp preview handler purpose so far i found by googling is only intentionally for MS Outlook 2007 in Xp not windows explorer yet. But why bother, who needs explorer if the Greatest Directory Opus has been my best friend that 10000% much better for now. at least it can enrich our preview experience in Windows Xp with Directory Opus 9 and MS Outlook 2007 by offering additional options in Viewer plug in with Preview handler ones that previously known available only for Vista Directory opus version. please see [ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web)

Now i feel Dopus and/or MS Outlook 2007 experience in Xp (in preview and viewer feature) is as (nearly) same as in Vista. Of course Vista version is still better, but to me it's good enough with Xp Dopus that still rocks. my MS outlook 2007 attachment preview pane also gets Vista only advantage in Xp. thinking no blank attachment preview anymore. wow!

Only one i forgot: The preview handler implementing process in Xp is different with Vista (please google/read some related xp preview handler web article, i forget where), Which i remember Vista version is rather more reliable and secure because Vista already has it by default. :wink: :smiley: Sorry i just have alittle technical knowledge. Please correct me all if i'm wrong. Thanks in advance. But as i said i have tried the Xp Azar's preview handler version. and i must confess it's really safe, stable and useful to me.

oh, by the way as a new user, I'm falling in love with Dopus now. Thank's for this amazing software! please pardon my very very bad english. Regards :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: Sorry, i missed one: also Thanks sooo muuuch for this great forum! The people looks nice, kind, friendly and very educated also experienced. i have learned much from you all guys here. Again thanks Mr. Leo. Thanks Folks. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

Installing the PSD preview handler might still be useful if you want to see PSD files in Outlook 2007, so it's certainly not a bad thing to do.

You can always disable the PSD preview handler in the Opus ActiveX plugin so that Opus's built-in PSD viewing code is used in Opus, while the PSD preview handler is still used in Outlook 2007. Or enable it in both; if it works it works!

BTW, I mentioned your post on the Opus News Blog as I thought it would be useful to many people using XP. It's good to see the Preview Handler part of the plugin benefiting a bigger group of people, so thanks for posting the info!

Thanks again for your reply and information Mr Leo. yes, i agree with you then i also feel it's more effective and better if the only one of both Dopus PSD plug in and/or PSD preview handler used for either MS outlook 2007 or Directory Opus/ matching one by one which Dopus still uses default built in PSD plug in that is officially authorized for its primary purpose by GPsoftware vendor and the other hand PSD preview handler is only for /MS Outlook 2007 as it used to be.

according to you i hope this little information will be useful to bigger people/community, especially xp Dopus user.i will be happy to see it.
may because personally i still prefer xp than vista but also like some vista useful feature can be ported to xp especially in Directory Opus. not only preview handler but almost all if possible (in my dream...but..lol) it can be very useful to everyone.

Thank u so much for your attention Mr Leo . again pardon my very very bad ugly even abstract english:D :smiley: :smiley: sometimes i edit it twice

Directory Opus always Rocks!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiley: regards

can you post an image of what the .zip preview looks like?

This is .Zip file Preview (it's compressed by Winzip 11) in Directory Opus Xp viewer pane by using MSDN preview Handler (Azar's Xp Preview Handler, credit to him). The zip preview handler also supports .gadget preview that's also effective if you have .gadget (Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget file). The same thing is for MS Outlook 2007 Preview Pane (when you preview email attachment that contains .zip or .gadget file. I think It's very useful to us. Dopus and Outlook 2007 Rock
I'm looking for .rar and .dwg (autocad) preview handler now, but it seems Autodesk doesnt launch it yet. any help will be very appreciated. Thanks:D Regards :smiley:

Edit: The Difference with Dopus zip IE based plug in view is while i only get only first content preview in zip file content hierarchy (only ARKOM 1 sedih folder in this), but then by using MSDN zip preview handler i also completely get all hierarchical zip file contents preview like in zip explorer view (ARKOM 1 sedih with all its contents as you see at my screenshot).

The preview handlers also useful if assuming in the future a file that natively not supported by available Dopus Plug in yet but by using already available vista preview handlers, then we can still preview it in Dopus (Both Vista and Xp now ).

Just Remember Vista is the unavoidable mainstream in the future, so commonly many 3rd party developer will build preview handlers for their application related files for vista, and i want Xp will get it too by using Dopus and Outlook 2007.

they are just additional options, so to me Dopus viewer plug in is still my first choice. :smiley: oh, Sorry for very bed english again