XP Preview Handlers for Directory Opus and above

Thank's so much Mr.Leo for your information and correcting my previous post sir. (please forgive me before, i'm sorry for the double attachments/post, i am a newbie).

About PSD preview handler, yes i very agree with you. but I have tried PSD preview handler, it has no crash or anything like that. faster enough when loading preview. no problem at all. i realize in comparison it maybe subjective, but Dopus PSD plug in seems still more practical and efficient for previewing as it comes built in without need to install anything but also more trusted. commonly for most of files previewing I'm still using Dopus built in ActiveX plug in more than preview handler. however, i just want to give it a try, because it's still very interesting (not always better as you said) if we can bring/port some vista-only features to Xp shell such preview handler itself. but yes, it's not always better as you said.

i also add new screenshot about previewing PSD by PSD Preview handler as default viewer in Directory Opus viewer pane. not too bad i think. if i m wrong then please forgive me. but please let me share something.

update: to download the same codeproject's PSD preview handler without any registration: csharptricks.com/Articles/Ph ... ndler.aspx

The general Xp preview handler purpose so far i found by googling is only intentionally for MS Outlook 2007 in Xp not windows explorer yet. But why bother, who needs explorer if the Greatest Directory Opus has been my best friend that 10000% much better for now. at least it can enrich our preview experience in Windows Xp with Directory Opus 9 and MS Outlook 2007 by offering additional options in Viewer plug in with Preview handler ones that previously known available only for Vista Directory opus version. please see [ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web)

Now i feel Dopus and/or MS Outlook 2007 experience in Xp (in preview and viewer feature) is as (nearly) same as in Vista. Of course Vista version is still better, but to me it's good enough with Xp Dopus that still rocks. my MS outlook 2007 attachment preview pane also gets Vista only advantage in Xp. thinking no blank attachment preview anymore. wow!

Only one i forgot: The preview handler implementing process in Xp is different with Vista (please google/read some related xp preview handler web article, i forget where), Which i remember Vista version is rather more reliable and secure because Vista already has it by default. :wink: :smiley: Sorry i just have alittle technical knowledge. Please correct me all if i'm wrong. Thanks in advance. But as i said i have tried the Xp Azar's preview handler version. and i must confess it's really safe, stable and useful to me.

oh, by the way as a new user, I'm falling in love with Dopus now. Thank's for this amazing software! please pardon my very very bad english. Regards :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: