YARQ (Yet another RAR Query!)

Hiya everyone :smiley:

I have had a quick search through the previous posts on the site and also double checked I have got the right settings in my filetypes compared to the FAQ on the GPSoft site. I am still unable to get the RAR files to open up in a new window when I double click one (NEW window, not existing lister).

As well as that, if for example I download a file rar using firefox and click 'open' once the download is complete it will not open up in a DOpus lister either.

Anyone able to offer any advice?

TIA n Cheers :smiley:

I finally managed to get this sorted out myself!

UUnfortunately though, the guide on the FAQ pages would not work at all for me and required some slight alteration for me to get to run proiperly. Anyway, both zips n RAR's now open into new lister windows when double clicked from dopus or any other program which is just what I wanted!

Once I get my site redesigned and uploaded I will try and mention a bit about what I had to do.