Yellow Folder in thumbnail mode?

Anyway to customize the yellow folder in thumbnail mode. I would prefer something different as I have iCandy icons installed and it really annoys me to have those ugly yellow folders when I switch to thumbnail mode.

Not at the moment, unless you want to turn off thumbnail generation for folders, in which case folders will use their normal large icons when in thumbnails mode.

I wish it was simply a PNG but looking through it with Resource hacker it looks like it's not a resource that can be changed easily. I did find the album png though I wonder who why that decision was made.

The folder thumbnails are generated on the fly (i.e. they're vector images). I guess the album image is based on a PNG instead because it'd be too complicated to draw it from vectors.

Maybe I should post something about this in the feature ideas.

Feel free. Be aware, though, that you'll need to ensure your issues get appropriate attention.

What I would like to do (In DO-11) is to only show thumbnails for files, and have any folders shown in text only (as in the Detailed Mode), with each folder on one line. (I.e. the text labels for each thumnail are multi-line, but this would be a waste of space for folders). Is there a way to do this?

The folder icons (and in some folders I have lots of subfolders) just clutter things up, and make work more cumbersome.

If there is not a way to do this presently, is this a feature that could be added in a future update?