You can now download my new tutorial

Since a couple of people asked for it, you can now download a zip of my big tutorial, Getting to know Directory Opus:

It's about 2.5 meg. Same contents as the web version so don't waste your bandwidth if you don't want to read it again!

I haven't forgotten about other people's suggestions; just haven't had the time/energy to do more work on it yet.

One thing I'm planning is to provide .dcf (XML) button files so that you can instantly add any of the examples to your toolbars without having to type stuff in.

Thanks Leo...

A suggestion -

I realise that there is a pointer to it on the DOpus home page, but I think it would be useful, now that it is downloadable, to have a pointer on the Downloads page, which will enable people downloading DOpus and its manuals, to opt to download your brilliant tutorial at the same time.

Certainly, had it been available at the time I downloaded DOpus, I'd have downloaded it then, and it certainly goes a long way to easing the way into DOpus for first-time users.

I realise that will be up to Greg, but as the copyright owner, you would presumably have to approve.

see the Docs page on web site:)

You're ahead of me, Greg. :slight_smile:

For the record...

I have created a new folder Tutorials/Getting to Know, under c:\Program Files\Directory Opus, and unpacked it into that. I then right-click-dragged the file Index.html to the desktop, to create a shortcut.

There is too much to absorb in one sitting, and I wanted it to be readily available.

The Tutorials folder has a number of sub-folders holding other DOpus tutorials I have downloaded, and set up in a similar manner.

BTW, if it's possible, it would be good to have Gus' Nero Burning tutorial downloadable too.

Replying to my own post :confused:

Sometimes we don't see the wood for the trees!

It hit me like a bolt from the blue, why bother downloading the actual content, when all I really wanted was a quick link to it when I had the time to spend on it.

So, now, I have added a Tutorials folder to my Directory Opus folder on the Start Menu, and created a series of shortcuts to the actual web pages where the various tutorials can be viewed online.

...and I have freed up a lot of disc space in the process.