Zero Pad does not works in FLAC Files Track No Meta Data

SetAttr META track:01

This Button Can Change Mp3 Track No 01
But in Flac Files the 0 zero does not work.

What's the purpose of using zero padding there? The field is a number. If something needs to pad it with a zero or space to make it line up with a column of other numbers, that can/should be done by the thing displaying the numbers without needing to hardcode the padding into every file.

(And it isn't needed by most things that display track numbers in a column, as they tend to align them to the right.)

Some of my Track is FLAC & it's Looks not so good with the MP3 Track number, As a Example Look at my Screen shot here Track no 5 and 7 have no Zero because they are FLAC file, so for the similar looks I need a Zero before the Track Number.

Yes I need only displaying the numbers, so How can I do that without hardcode the padding into every file?

Haven't we talked about this before?

Oh yes!! we do, and the problem is still there like before, only solution is using Mp3tag, So why not the DOpus update fix the Problem, then we can use a standard DOpus command for Update the Track Number for the flac file too.

Actually, that's not entirely true. ID3 v1 did not allow non-numbers but with ID3 v2 & Vorbis most tagging apps as well as Vorbis, default for FLAC, tag spec allow strings in this field, so that strings like "03/12" can be also stored. In fact, Vorbis spec does not put much official restrictions on the field names or format and stores everything as UTF-8, if I'm not mistaken.

Agree with Khalid here. My "OCD" also kicked in and I tag my FLACs & MP3s uniformly with padded zeros. Here's one example, tagged via MP3Tag (Foobar2000 is another alternative):

Doesn't really answer my question of why padding is desired.

Having them different looks bad but you can fix that by not padding the MP3s.

I don't see the point in zero padding track numbers. It makes them harder to read, and doesn't make them line up any better than they already did. They're already right aligned in anything that displays them.

Why only one zero, too? I have albums with more than 100 tracks...

98% of my Album does not have 3 digits Track Like 100, otherwise after 09 to 99 all the track number is looks like same in FLAC & MP3, So issue is only 01 to 09 Track. only for this Nine Track number we have to use another 3rd party software like MP3 Tag , Foobar2000 etc. If I can update that Nine Track in DOpus then I don't have Install & Run another 3rd party Software. Does I make my self clear?

We've made a change for 12.25.1 beta (not 12.25) which allows zero padding when editing FLAC track numbers.

I'm still not convinced it isn't a silly thing to do, but we won't stop you doing it anymore. :slight_smile:



I am really happy for this decision. plz give me a download link for the beta version.

Links to betas are posted to the New Releases area and in the banner at the top of each page when they're ready.

You can also set the auto-updater to check for beta versions if you want.

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