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Zip and Rar file extraction


I recently purchased version 11 upgrade, and since each time I try to uncompress a zip or a rar file with a right click (I use Winrar to extract) , Dopus shuts down and restart.

Do you have a solution for this ?



Do you see anything similar in File Explorer (Windows Explorer)?

Is it definitely the WinRAR context menu that's being triggered, or another? (Sometimes other archive tools or Opus itself are confused with each other.)

Which versions of WinRAR and Opus 11 are installed?

Does extracting the same archives work OK if you use Opus's built-in support for those formats instead of WinRAR?

If I use built in extractor it works. I have latest Winrar version 5.20 and Opus version 11.8 x64

I don't get any context menu as Opus shuts down when I try a right click, with version 11 I had before everything was ok


If Opus (and/or Explorer) crashes as soon as you right-click a file, then you probably have an unstable context-menu shell-extension on your system.

Please see Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files for troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for your help
I used the extremely quick fix and it worked. It doesn't shut downn anymore. NExt step will be to find the culprit


Thanks for your help, I foun d the culprit, it was Notepad++64, I add id to the ignore context menu section and everything is fine now

Thanks again & Merry Christmas


It might be wroth checking for an update to Notepad++ since I think it had a problem like that a little while ago which was quickly fixed.