ZIP contents in mouseover tool tip

I asked about this a long time ago but still can't find a way to set it up. I looked around and couldn't find anything new. I think this would be such a great little enhancement. Any thoughts on how to make it happen. TIA

PS It's REALLY hard to find anything DO can't do......NICE!

Did you ever submit a feature request to GPsoft?

Seems like the sensible thing to request is that they make the same info-tip options work for zip/archives as are available for 'folders'... i.e. there is a {foldercontents} code that shows the contents of folders in the folders info-tip.

Yep, I did. I may not have been clear enough or they just didn't see it as a priority. The president sent me a very nice and detailed email but the bottom line was..."we think we have it covered the way DO currently works". I understand that their priorities are much wider than mine. I just keep hoping.

Use the Opus File Types editor and set the Zip type's Info Tip to something like this:

[code]Type: {type}
Date Modified: {modifieddate}
Size: {sizeauto}


That's what I was getting at... the {foldercontents} doesn't seem to work for zip files. At least, not here...

I couldn't have made it work... Strange, it seems to me it had worked before

I tried it also. Wouldn't show anything.

Is there a 3rd party plugin or api that might work?

It would just be soooooo nice to hover over a zip and get a nice quick list of contents. You could zip (all puns intended) through a folder and sort out what is in the zips when the download name isn't helpful.


If the DOpus guys think "we have it covered the way DO currently works" then I'd try again.

Either it did work and is now bust, they didn't understand the request or there is some other way to achieve the effect than the one shown above.

I also tried this very useful trick and could not get it to work, but I usually put such failures down to my own incompetence.

It doesn't work for me either.

I suspect it is supposed to, but is broken.

This is a bump. I am still hoping that someone has figured out a way to make this work!

Unfortunately it can't be made to work in Opus 9, but it will in Opus 10.

Good enough for me! Big Wide Grin! Thank you.

Now the obvious question. One month, one year.......?