ZIP files and other archives toggle

Is there a command that would let me create a button to toggle the "Folder Tree Contents\ZIP files and other archives" option in Preferences? I've searched Help and the forum but haven't located anything.

Preferences it the only way to toggle that option currently.

Note that if you hide archives by default, if you go inside an archive then it will still be added to the tree.

Right, I knew that, but that goes for the ZIP file you're in. Sometimes it's convenient for my purposes to (i.e., when I'm working with whole folders full of archives) to turn that feature on and off willy-nilly. Not a biggie, though.

Now that I think of it, it'd be even more convenient to turn that option permanently ON for a few specified folders and OFF for all the rest (the default). Is that possible?

Unfortunately not; there's only a global setting.

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