Zip from Find Collection

After executing a FIND from a top level folder I end up with a collection of matching files, some at the top level and some in lower level folders. I would like to zip the collection of selected files such that an unzip into a target folder would recreate the files in the correct (relative) structure. No doubt there is a way.....

Regards, AB

Unfortunately there isn't a way, at the moment, to copy out of a collection while preserving the directory hierarchy. There are a couple of ways to get what you want, though:

  1. Copying out of Flat-Mode can preserve the hierarchy. If your search is just based on filename then you can set a filename filter on the lister and put it into flat mode and then copy from there into a zip file.

  2. If your search criteria are more complex or you just don't like doing it the above way you can instead save your (advanced) search criteria to a named filter .flt file by clicking the disk icon in the Advanced Find pane. Once you've done that you can use this filter when copying, so that only files/folders matching the filter are included in the copy.

There are two ways to apply a filter to a copy:

One is to toggle on the Copy Filter option (in the Settings menu by default). When this is on you will be prompted for a filter each time you copy some files (including when you run the Add to Zip command, which is a variant of the Copy command). You can then load your filter, or simply define a new one using the dialog that appears.

The other way is to create a command which will always copy using your filter. If your filter was saved to MyFilter.flt then you can make a command which does this:

Copy FILTER=MyFilter

There's a screenshot of one here:

With that as a button you can select everything in C:\ in the source side and show an empty zip file in the destination side, then click the button. All the files in C:\ which match the filter will be added to the zip.

You should also be able to make a button which means you don't need to create an empty zip in advance. Give this a try:


That should combine the Add-to-Zip functionality (showing a dialog that prompts you for a new zip file) with the filter.