Zip icon changes when I set thumbnail in folders on/off

I'm trying to see if I can solve the problem I posted in this thread myself, but discovered a strange thing while testing around. Note that you can see in the anim-gif my problem I have in the previous thread I wrote as well.
When I turn off "include images of folders contents", the icons of zip files also change. Should it be so?

Can't see anything abnormal there.

It's just the difference between the file type icon (the icon zip files have assigned to them on your system) and zip-folder-thumbnails (generated by Opus to show zip contents inside the thumbnail).

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
Just that it says include images of folders contents. I don't see a zip file as a folder, but others may think differently. But now I know that is not something that is wrong but meant to change when you press that setting.