Zip Integration with Norton Anti Virus and Others

I use PKZip instead of the DOpus zip feature because it will interface with Norton anti virus and check a zip file before unzipping it.

it would be nice if one could configure DOpus to use a virus scanner on a zip file before unzipping it.

Go to Norton forums and/or check their documentation - if there is a 'command line' way to invoke Norton to scan a zip file... then there is likely some combination we can come up with to run this before zip extraction is performed...

Shouldn't NAV scan the files as they're created or accessed automatically?

Of my understanding of AV programs, most virus checkers should have a active module that does this automaticly, its been a while since I used NAV but it should scan cab, zip and rar files if you open them, you need to configure it, but as I haven't used it for a long time I can't tell you where to look, so this feature is unneeded unless its a AV program that doesn't have a active scanner