Zip up file with password

I'm looking for a command that will zip up the selected files, with a password, and the password depends on which directory the files are in (or which directory we're currently working in).

Or if that's too much, how about command which zips up a file and prompts for a password?

Is there such a command?

(Then I'll create a button so I can do it all in one click.)

Copy ADDTOARCHIVE will prompt you for a password. (Copy ADDTOARCHIVE HERE is what the Archive Files button should already run, if you're using the default Opus 11 toolbars.)

I don't think there is a way to specify the password as part of the command (unless using an external tool to create the archive), but you could have the button put the password into the clipboard for quick pasting into the dialog, or use an external tool for a fully-automated button.

You can use the @ifpath modifier for a simple way to change which commands are run based on the current folder, or scripting to do more complex logic.

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