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Zone Alarm Issues


Zone Alarm is a security product produced by Zone Labs Inc. In the past it has caused compatibility issues with Directory Opus and a number of other programs. Please use the suggestions below if you are having problems.

Note that in some configurations Zone Alarm may silently block or even terminate programs without notifying you that it has done so. This can make it look like the program (e.g. Opus) went wrong when in reality Zone Alarm decided to terminate it.

If you use Zone Alarm we recommend that you add Opus (see the list of executable files below) to the list of permitted programs and set Opus to the highest trust level in the Program Control settings.

[ul][li]Key-logger warning

Zone Alarm may display a warning saying that Opus is acting suspiciously and monitoring keystrokes. Opus uses the Windows hooking API to enable certain features (more detail here) and this can look like a key-logger to over-zealous security software. Opus is not a key-logger and is not storing or transmitting your keypresses.

[li]FTP or Update Check blocked

You may find you are unable to use Opus to access FTP/SSH sites or are unable to use the Check for Updates feature in Opus. This can occur if Zone Alarm has blocked Opus from accessing the Internet.

[li]Expired Certificate

A legitimate, full Opus registration certificate suddenly becomes invalid, or, when you install the Certificate it is accepted by Opus but then Opus reverts to the Stock Certificate. In the past there have been cases of this happening because Zone Alarm prevented Opus from accessing certain files.

Possible Solutions:

1) Exit Opus fully from the system tray icon menu (see here for details). Then quit and shut down Zone Alarm completely. Run Opus again with Zone Alarm not running then reinstall the Opus Registration Certificate. You should now be able to restart Zone Alarm.

2) If the first solution does not work, reboot your computer into Safe Mode (press F8 when booting) where Zone Alarm will not interfere with the normal operation of your machine, then run Opus and install the certificate as normal. Reboot back into normal mode and Opus and Zone Alarm should now co-exist.

[li]Programs and documents cannot be launched from Opus

If you have lost the ability to open documents (e.g. .txt and .doc files) or programs by double-clicking on them, instead receiving an error message saying you do not have permission, then it may be because Zone Alarm has blocked Opus from launching other processes. Since launching other processes is a major part of being a file manager this restriction obviously puts severe limits on what Opus can do.

Zone Alarm may have displayed a warning in the past saying that Opus was tracking keystrokes (see above) and given the option of locking down the program. If Zone Alarm was told to (or decided to automatically) lock down the program then it may block Opus from running external programs. [/li][/ul]

List of Opus executable files:

The main program names you need to tell Zone Alarm to trust are dopus.exe and dopusrt.exe.

Note: In the list of permitted programs, you may see an entry for DOpusInstall.exe or DOpusInstall64.exe; that is the Opus installer and not Opus itself.

Depending on how you have Zone Alarm configured, and which features of Opus you use, you may also need to tell Zone Alarm to trust some of the other Opus executables. See the FAQ listing the executables and describing what they are for:

[ul][li]Directory Opus executables and hooks[/li][/ul]

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