Zone alarm warning

When I try to download files I get the message from ZoneAlarm that DO wants to accept connections from the Internet. This doesn't happen that often but enough to make it worrisome. I tried aborting the connection and using FileZilla and there were not any such warnings. Nothing has changed in my DO or ZA versions in at least a month but this just started happening in the last week or so. Does anyone know what ZA would be giving such a warning from DO?

ZA is just warning you that Opus is connecting to the Internet, which Opus obviously has to do if you're using Opus to download files from the Internet via FTP.

Just tell ZA not to warn you about that.

PS: It could be that the FTP server you're connecting to wants to initiate the data connection. (Can depend on whether the FTP connection is using passive mode or not.)

Or it could be that Zone Alarm recognised previous versions of Opus but not newer ones, or something has changed in the way Zone Alarm recognises things. (You may not have updated ZA but presumably it downloads new signatures/definitions periodically.)

If you have any questions they're probably best asked of the Zone Alarm people since they know what ZA does and doesn't look at when triggering its different warnings.

Thanks for the quick reply. I thought it was something like that but since it only does it sometimes, I thought there might be some validity to it. I'll ask ZA if it continues.