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1-Click Share File with Outlook, with HTML mail & Signature



Normally we'd share a file within Explorer or Dopus using SendTo or Copy SENDMAIL command, but sadly it'll always lead to an Email compiled with plain text describing non-sense and with a Subject prefix un-customizable "ready to share...".

Inspired by the VBScript found here Joseph's Script Method, I implemented same approach in DOpus VBS commandbutton.

How does it work:

  1. Down load the script in.dcf format
  2. Drag it onto your desired toolbar position in customizing status, assign one hotkey to it if you like (mine is F11)
  3. Edit it to ensure it fits your environment
  • Outlook installed
  • you've prepared some Outlook pre-defined signature (at least 1)
  • change your username in the script row of the signature path (following my remark)
  • (optional) change the text prefixes following my remark of the code
  1. select file (1 or multiple) and then click the button or hotkey, mail will popup
  • folders will be ignored
  • Multiple files supported

This is my first publish here (i am a beginner of DOpus Scripts), and a lot of credits go to Joseph's Script, and also I received help from DOpus developers in this forum today. Thanks to all.

If you find bugs or other optimization wishes, please feel free to leave comment here -- I'd try my very best.
1Click_Mail.dcf (4.0 KB)