1-window work sessions: Lister as a super-tab

Let's say you have two "work sessions":

  • one lister with 5 tabs for DOpus plugins
  • one lister with 12 tabs for working with images

When you want to stop working with DOpus plugins for now, you'd just close the lister so it doesn't clutter your Alt-Tab window (but then you'd need to use a script like this to save the currently opened folders and other state, and even with the script lose data on a crash since it doesn't auto-save before you close)

Another great UI idea that is sometimes more useful than having a window per lister is what macOS calls "native macOS tab" where instead each Lister is not a window, but a kind of "super-tab" within the same window

So you get one DOpus item in the Alt-Tab menu/taskbar, but at the same time each window shows the list of sessions, and switching between these sessions is a button/click away, and you don't even need to close anything unless you're done with this session "for good" - you can just keep five current projects in 5 super-tab sessions

And then similarly to how tab physical layout can signal something useful (e.g., 5 folder tabs on a similar topic can be located together) you can have this session tab layout signal something useful (e.g., two most active session are on the left)

Or you could combine: use a separate Lister window for something that is mentally "very separate" or something that you maybe need to show side-by-side, and have these super-tabs for something "closely related"