beta: Can't skip or abort deleting a locked file

I encountered this bug :

  • entered the /temp folder
  • select all files, then delete them
  • some files are locked, so when DOpus detected that, I chose « skip all »
  • DOpus stalled on some ~DF.tmp file
  • I pressed the skip button and the Abord one, but DOpus won’t skip it

I reverted to and DOpus was able to skip the same locked files.

Tried on Windows XP from a portable DOpus

I don't think anything changed between this beta and the previous beta in how they delete files.

Are you still able to reproduce this using or was it a one-off?

Yes, I tried this a few times on, twice on, then again on and the results were consistent. I had no way to stop the delete in progress window unless I killed dopus.exe from the task manager.

Same here.

I've reproduced this and found the problem, and it has been fixed for the next update.

Thanks for the report!