11.13.2 and 11.13.3 do not install on Win Server 2012R2

G'day Folks,

11.13.2 and 11.13.3 do not install on Win Server 2012 R2

  • Is this fixed in 11.14 ?

Still use Win XP Pro SP3 and contrary to poplar believe, Microsoft still has updated when using Microsoft Updates (not windows Update) as this also updated all other Microsoft Applications like Microsoft Office (any All Versions) so use Microsoft Updates to get ahead.

Would prefer if Directory Opus continued support for Windows XP Pro SP3.

  • Just as a reminder Oracle (Java) also still supports Win XP Pro SP3, and there are an estimated 300 Million+ XP users still active, contrary to the marketing propaganda that is being released by some and Operating System Publishers (I wont mention any names)

For the doubting Tomas-as, check this out

Roger H

XP is still supported, this hasn't changed. What goes wrong when you install it? Please be more specific.

After installing it will not load i.e. run
Trust that answers your "Please be more specific." question.
Roger H.

Not running is not the same as not installing. But it sounds like your issue may be related to this other thread; please try the suggestions Leo made there.

As much as I appreciate the help "jon" I thought I wold remind you that I might be foolish at times, however stupid I am not.

I don't want to split hairs however if it does not install correctly then obviously you cannot Load or Run, whichever way you want to put it.

And if you cannot Load or Run the Directory Opus after installing these Beta versions, then obviously they did not install correctly or the parameters or codes failed to "Install" it correctly, hence in my opinion it is an installation issue with these 2 beta versions i.e. they do not Install correctly.

Where some know the difference others might not.

The Devil made me say all this, because I got out of the wrong side of my bed :slight_smile:

  • Don't tempt me. :slight_smile:

Roger H.

Installing the program and running the program are two completely things; both can fail for different reasons, but in order to diagnose the issue it's important to be clear about what the actual problem is. Anyway, please see the other thread I linked to and try Leo's suggestions.