11.6 and queue dialogs for move/copy, leaving open a copying

I have 4 move operations queued up, 2 from drive Z to Drive E and 2 from E to E, I bring up the list and select the last queued up entry E to E move and right click and select "Run now" the operation completes, however a window saying "copying" remains open on the system, this is new in 11.6 and it does not matter what kind of operation it was move or copy it always says copying. So the operation was completed but a the copying window (which is misnamed) is now stuck open (with 2 progress bars that are scrolling and show no status), after the operation completes. This means I have to kill Directory Opus, and I do mean kill it exit and then find the process left over and kill it, finally cleanup any left over temp files, as I have no way to know the status of these operations and they could have been in progress.

I left one of these windows open for 4 hours on a 4K move, without it closing.


Just a quick reply to say we've seen this and will try to reproduce it, but haven't done so yet.

Thank you for the report, this is fixed in the 11.6.1 beta release.