12.16.1 Viewer problem (fixed by 12.16.2)

Talk about fixing problems fast - I never even got chance to report this one before the fix appeared in 12.16.2.

My problem was not quite the one described in the release notes, but it is hard to believe they are not related.

On my Opus system, if I double click on a thumbnail of an image, the Lister is adjusted to make space for the displaying it in the image viewer. This allows me to have the lister available to scroll though and display images in the viewer from any thumbnail (portrait or landscape).

It worked fine and very quickly in 12.16, but suddenly in 12.16.1 the macro slowed to a crawl, with each image taking four to five seconds to display.

Thankfully by updating to 12.16.2 normal service has been restored. Many thanks:grinning:

The maintenance service of Opus is awesome