12.17.4 beta: Parts of location bar in bottom-left corner of screen

Installed 12.17b4 yesterday and have noticed something strange is it a new feature or is it a bug
This has happened twice now.
The right one seems to follow what is happening in the left lister window.
If I open Drive F: it changes to F, open Drive C: it changes to C: > Windows
The left N: > 2 Other does not change and I do not have a Drive N: connected.

The only way to remove it is to close Opus clicking on it takes focus off the main lister but does not do anything. Not sure what causes it to appear as only see it when I move or resize windows.

Another strange thing I noticed yesterday is both lister windows being source only way to get a source and destination was to close opus.

Does it stop happening if you disable Preferences / Display / Transition Animations?

What if that is enabled again, but the new mixed_dpi_mitigations setting is turned off instead? (Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations)

Restart Opus via File > Exit Directory Opus after changing them to make sure the old windows are removed.

Which DPI(s) are you using on your screen(s)? Has the scaling amount been changed since the last reboot?

Are your graphics card drivers up to date? (Reinstalling the proper drivers from the manufacturer's website is sometimes needed after Windows 10 updates as Microsoft keep trashing good GPU drivers with broken ones in some updates.)

Thanks for quick reply
Have disabled Preferences / Display / Transition Animations
Have restarted Opus
Laptop only 1 screen no settings changed
Graphics drivers no recent changes
Will see if it happens again



That you know of. :slight_smile: Windows 10 may have done something behind your back there so it's worth installing them if the problem comes back, in case it is that.

(I've seen issues before where the generic Win10 drivers leave behind windows on the screen that aren't really there, although I'm not sure it is that in this case as the windows are also in the wrong place.)

If you drag a window into that area, are those things on top of it or underneath it?

Tested with animations off for 3 days did not happen again
Turned animations back on did not happen again till today.
This time there are 3 to are toolbar buttons
If I drag any window into that area they are underneath.
I also have taskbar auto hide and they are underneath when it appears.
Will now test with ( Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations ) set to false


Try installing the latest graphics drivers from the GPU manufacturer, too. Windows 10 does overwrite GPU drivers with bad ones at times. I've had it happen at least twice. And bad/generic drivers have been known left remnants of the layered windows the animations use on-screen after the windows have closed (although the last time it was reported was many years ago; it also sometimes left parts of tooltips and infotips on the screen).

There are some changes in Directory Opus 12.17.6 (Beta) which we hope will stop this happening.

Please give it a try, with transition animations turned back on, and let us know if the problem is gone or still there.

Since I turned off ( Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations ) set to false 9 days ago I have not seen it happen
Have installed 12.17b6
Preferences / Display / Transition Animations All on
And set Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations to true
These are the only 2 things that I changed

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Have only been using 12.17.b6 for 2 hours and it has already happened again
Also as in first report both listers have become source.

I also changed ( Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations ) to true and I had been using Opus for 9 days with it set to false to me it looks like this setting cause this to happen.
Have changed ( Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations ) back to false to see if it happens again.

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Can you think of any kind of pattern about when the things appear at the bottom left?

It seems to be a combination of the transition animations and the mixed dpi mitigations, but the animations themselves don't trigger the mitigation code on their own. My guess is there is an action which triggers both at once, which may be key to understanding the issue.

Toolbar tooltips are one thing which trigger the mitigations, and might appear just as you click on something which in turn triggers an animation. Could it be something like that?

If you can think of anything to try on our end to help reproduce the problem, I'd like to give it a try!

Also, which graphics drivers are you using? I'd like to try with the same drivers and version (assuming I have the hardware to go with it).

Just happened again as I noticed that both listers had become source when trying to copy from right to left with the standard copy button
Copy AS
My graphic drivers are
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 27/11/17 Version
Intel HD Graphics 630 18/11/18 Version
I know you kept saying update drivers but I only wanted to change 1 thing at a time If I had changed them all, how would I know which was the problem.
Do you want me to go back to 12.17.b3 as it only started with 12.17b4

The graphics drivers are from 2017 and 2018?

Definitely try updating those, please.

Have updated both graphics drivers will be testing today.
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 24/10/19 Version
Intel HD Graphics 630 25/10/19 Version
( Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting]: mixed_dpi_mitigations ) True
Preferences / Display / Transition Animations All On

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Has just happened again.
Not sure when it happened was copying files.
Went to make a brew when I got back screen had locked on logging it had happened
Both left and right lister windows were also source

Is it possible the screen being locked is connected to the other times it happened? That's something I haven't tried. We can investigate in that direction, unless you've seen it happen in situations where the screen could not have been locked.

When you say both windows are source, does that state continue if you change folder? Or if you click on the status bar?

Also, when in that state, do the path fields still update when you change folders?

does that state continue if you change folder? Yes and Drives
State only changes if I go to Single lister and back or Exit Opus
if you click on the status bar? Did not try will have to wait till it happens again
do the path fields still update when you change folders? Yes

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For 12.18, we're going to go back to mixed_dpi_mitigations = False by default, since we still don't know why this is happening for at least two people and it doesn't make sense to create a new problem in the name of fixing an old one.

For 12.18.1 beta some time after that, there's another change I've made which may help when the mitigations are turned back on (and also assuming you're using Windows 10 1903 or above), but it's still just guesswork at the moment.

From looking at the double-source issue, one thing that might complicate things is script add-ins. Do you have any installed under Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts? Any which handle the OnSourceDestChange event? (If you right-click the heading above the list of scripts, and add the Details column, then scroll right, that gives you a way to check which events all of the scripts handle at once.)

Double-source issue
I have not had the Double-source happen on its own
But the other issue has happened on its own
Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts? OnSourceDestChange
I have 9 non have OnSourceDestChange in them
Could a script in a button have OnSourceDestChange in it and is the only way to see is to edit each button


Scripts in buttons: No need to worry about those. They can only do things when you click on them.