2 folders synced twice each time no differences

DirectoryOpus11 (DO) on windows 8.1-64.
I just synchronized two large folders. One on laptop hard drive, Disk C:\ the other on a My Book Live Duo, Disk Y:. After the sync finished I did it again just for giggles. The Result: No changes detected or required. I then did a properties in DO and found the following:
Drive C:\ Size: 75.4 GB (81,065,269,593 bytes) and Size on Disk: 75.5 GB (81,147,002,880 bytes), 39,824 Files, 605 Folders
Drive Y:\ Size: 82.7 GB (88,821,132,761 bytes) and Size on Disk: 106 GB (114,517,082,112 bytes), 42,982 Files, 645 Folders

How can this be? Really scared me because these are our photos, and we don't want to lose any of the photos.

Thank you,
Francois E (Frank) Lembree

Impossible to say without some examples of files that are only in one place and not the other.

It could be files/folders which the sync tool is configured to ignore, or which are hidden from view at the top-level.