2 issues to be resolved please

  1. The viewer panel when activated will start to play a video if moused over and then freezes Opus which needs to be closed and restarted. Was not a problem before most recent update
  2. File moving between directories ie from one disk to an other is half teh speed than using windows file manager which i was forced to use suggestions please how to overcome...
  1. How video playback works in Opus has not changed in years. If it has started crashing recently, something else probably installed/updated/replaced a video codec/splitter on your system. The FAQs have a guide on fixing video playback: HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus - You can also switch to using a different video plugin which may work better and is often easier than tracking down codec issues (Alternative movie playback plugins in the same FAQ).

  2. Half the speed? Please provide more detail, including timings and the types of files being copied, and the types of drives involved. Also try testing the other way around, doing Explorer first then Opus, in case it is a caching issue. For timing, it is best to look at the disk activity in Task Manager to see when data is really still being written, as Explorer closes its progress dialog before it is really finished.

  3. Please Ask one question per thread